Read Some of Our Customer Testimonials

“The forks were amazing. They floated through the chop at the Winchester Dunes in Oregon way better than the stock setup. Can’t wait to get them on the track and see how they feel. No seal leaks either!”

Bart Korthuis
2013 Suzuki RMZ 450

“All I can say is thank you! The job done on my KX 330 long rod stroker Dune bike is amazing. The suspension now soaks up every whoop no matter how big or how fast I hit them. 3rd gear pinned was even very smooth. The control and stability of the bike is outstanding having the suspension rated properly for my size. Launched the bike over 15′ straight up onto flat ground landing and was not even a bit rough or harsh. Bob does great work and I personally recommend him for all your suspension needs! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!”

Joey Sorter
1993 Kawasaki KX 250

“Sorry for the delay in my evaluation of my ST1300. Much like you won’t hurry a service in respect to a quality job I don’t like to give quick opinions. I like to feel it out and in this case I had bought this bike with considerable mileage and then put many miles on myself so I had to really think about what I was feeling riding this bike after your work. That said, I had a hard time figuring this out, I felt some bounce, the bike seemed twitchy. Then I figured it out, the bike feels properly suspended! The new springs were holding me up like they should instead of sagging under my weight. I had to pay attention and started noticing things like the bike didn’t follow cracks in the road. Bumps weren’t as jarring as the used to be and the “twitchiness” was the really the bikes new cornering ability. Man, I can lay this thing tight in a corner. My seat even seems to feel better, I am sure, as a result of the suspension working well. So, money well spent! You did an excellent job and I am very happy I brought my bike to you for this service. Kudos!”

Dave Denman
2003 Honda ST 1300

“I’ve had some time to ride the bike now and all I can say is the difference is night and day. The trip home on I5 was actually quite a blast, as the bike was stable with fully loaded panniers and top box at well (well) over the speed limit. Around town, the harshness and bottoming is completely gone and the preload front and rear allow plenty of adjustment for two up riding. I’m still dialing it in and am amazed at how the preload and damping actually work now, where they were useless before. Its not that easy to put into a few words how much better the suspension is after you rebuilt the front and back but here goes: I can not recommend Bob and his work highly enough. He went above and beyond what I expected and transformed my Sprint ST from a poorly sprung and underdamped mess into one of the best suspended bikes I have ever ridden. When I fell in love with this bike I knew that if I couldn’t get the suspension sorted I would not be able to live with it. Now I find it hard to imagine parting with it. The bike is stable, smooth and confidence inspiring. Bob, with help from the Race Tech staff, designed, manufactured and installed a custom suspension that eats up the road and not the rider. Gracias amigo !!”

Jim Blazina
2004 Triumph Sprint ST 955

“After the upgrade, my Triumph is truly amazing. It feels better than new. Even in the sharpest corners, I can now hit the exact inch of pavement I aim for. The bike is so precise and confidence-inspiring now. Requiring less effort at the handlebar than before, the bike feels completely planted in the twisties. Turn-in is so quick now, but there’s also a stability at full lean that wasn’t there before. The Triumph was always a joy to ride, but the new Race Tech suspension has improved it so completely. It feels the way I imagine a race bike to be. By far, it’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden.”

Sam Klippert
2010 Triumph 1050 Speed Triple

“Bottom line, if you want perfection with your machine and results let suspension DR work on your bike. I have had nothing but awesome work and couldnt be happier with the results of a pro. I have been racing motocross for 20 years off and on. I was brought up in So Cal and have met some great mechanics but no one close to Bob H ( owner of Suspensio DR). He has worked on my RMZ’s 250/450 and did nothing but great and high caliber work. If you are looking for a factory result / Suspension DR can make it happen.”

#221 J Alexander
2008 Suzuki RMZ 450 & 2005 Suzuki RMZ 250

“Bob, Ooo Yeah! This set-up is with no doubt the best I’ve ever ridden. The amazing thing was that this shock came off a “Professionals” bike and it was total garbage, in fact I would say it was the reason I snapped my ACL. This weekend’s race at AV Motoplex I wrapped up the 30+ Amateur class and won the Championship! What was great for me was that I got to line up with other Vet’s and some past pro’s to truly see where I stand. Now I’m in the mix with these “fast” guys and I know it was your set-up that made it happen. You do amazing work!”

George Stavaris
2007 Suzuki RMZ 450

“My man Bob, what can I say? He hooked me up with my suspension. My stock suspension was harsh. I told him I did all track riding. It was a quick turn around on the respring/revalve I got, and when I rode it was an unbelievable change. Plush, smooth, and bottoming resistance that was amazing. My riding has moved up to another level, and every time I have a question about anything, Bob is there with an answer that fixes it every time. Suspension Done Right customer for life!”

Patrick Sweasey
2005 Honda CRF 450R

“I have two bikes that Bob does suspension work on. The first bike is my 2002 RM125 that was re sprung and re valved with race tech gold valves. The suspension was so far gone I didn’t think it was salvageable. When I picked it up I was amazed at the passion he put into every spec to make it perfect. Bob did an amazing job. The second bike is a 2010 YZ450f. Bob is the only person to work on the suspension since I bought it new. He always knows exactly what the perfect setting is going to be for each track. We decided to re spring it for more bottoming resistance as well as add a pro circuit drop link to improve cornering. Wow did that make a difference. All I can say is suspension is the first thing a person should ever do on a bike to make it better and the Suspension Doctor will make your machine handle like a dream.”

Marlin Langworthy
2010 Yamaha YZ 450F & 2002 Suzuki RM 125