About SuspensionDR

Suspension Done Right was established in 2008 after Bob worked several seasons at various Dealerships. Bob had found his niche in doing suspension work. There were engine builders everywhere, but no quality suspension tuners in the northwest that he was aware of. This was due to continually seeing suspension setups for people that were clearly undersprung or oversprung and the other outfits were trying to valve around it without addressing the main problem, spring rates. The only companies that consistently took the right approach were down in California and a few back East as well. That meant a rider’s components are gone for a minimum of two to three weeks depending on the workload of where they’re being sent to as well as its geographic location (providing there aren’t any backorders on parts). Bob knew that you could have the best engine in the world, but if your suspension was not set up or serviced properly, an increase in horse-power would not matter or do the rider any good. Suspension that is set up properly for the rider is bar none the single best modification that can be done to increase the rider’s lap times. PERIOD. That is when Bob set out to bring Suspension Done Right (shameless plug) to the Northwest.

He started learning everything he could about suspension set ups and attended Race Tech to learn the intricacies of suspension from one the very best in the business; someone who has taught more people in the business than anyone, Paul Thede. Bob returned to Washington to start building his business and was a Race Tech Dealer for two years before becoming an authorized Race Tech Service Center. Bob continues to return to Race Tech once every year to learn about any new developments/modifications hands on, in the shop.

We strive to provide the best in Custom Suspension. Bob does not take the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Rather, he believes that no two people are alike or want/require the exact same setup. In addition to the rider’s weight, height, ability, and discipline, the suspension setup is based on rider’s preference of the level of stiffness that they desire.

Bob believes in doing things in a very clean and orderly environment. Your components will be handled with absolute care. They will be kept isolated in plastic tubs with lids, eliminating the possibility of co-mingling parts with someone else’s parts. Bob uses only the industry’s best tooling to perform his work. Bob is a perfectionist and clean freak and he treats everyone’s suspension with the same care as he would treat his own. He also does not concern himself with how long it takes because nothing good comes from rushing his work.

Bob Halverstadt